“After recent conversations with Dick and Greg regarding the organization and its future,’’ Bridich said in a statement, “it became abundantly clear that ushering in a new leadership structure is critically important. With that in mind, we arrived at this decision to part ways, and ultimately it will be what is best for the Rockies and for me….Los Angeles Dodgers Face Masks


Oakland won 14 in a row in 1988 and a then-American League record of 20 consecutive wins in 2002. Cleveland broke that mark with 22 straight in 2017 -- the Athletics' recent string had been the longest in the majors since that run by the Indians.


Greg Feasel, who on Monday was appointed as team president in addition to his role of being in charge of the club's business operations, will oversee baseball operations.

"I don't think it fully hit me yet," Short said following the 3-2 loss in Game 1. "This is something I wanted to do my whole life. Every kid has that dream. I've gone through a lot, coming from having one scholarship offer out of high school. I'm very thankful."

The afternoon shadows may have helped, though Ferrara insists, "That's not an excuse. We weren't going to hit him anyway. It's baseball. You play with what you got. You got shadows. He's throwing BBs. Let's see who wins."Houston Astros Face Masks

About the state of the game: “The game of baseball as we have always known it is not broken. You hear a lot of people trying to tell you about all these different things that are wrong, and as a result want to come up with all these gimmicky ways to fix it. There’s nothing wrong with the game of baseball that more baseball can’t fix.Seattle Mariners Face Masks

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Not only did Webb have his way with Miami's bats, he had the biggest hit of the day with a two-run triple in the bottom of the second inning. The triple had a 109-mph exit velocity and traveled 390 feet. Pittsburgh Pirates Face Masks