"You study historically how things work but we have got great confidence in this group of players that are up there and now we hone in and continue to examine each and every guy that we have interest in at that spot," Lynch said on March 29. "And ultimately do our best to find the guy who is going to be a great part of this organization's future."Miami Dolphins

Jets' First-Round QBs and Pro BowlsThe only first-round quarterback, in the common draft era, to be selected by the New York Jets and make a Pro Bowl was the one taken three picks before Dan Marino in 1983. DraftQBPro Bowls2018Sam Darnold02009Mark Sanchez02000Chad Pennington01983Ken O'Brien21976Richard Todd0Source: ESPN Stats & Info


ESPN has attempted since mid-March to speak with Feste. An initial phone message was returned by two of his attorneys, who said he was unavailable due to a health issue. At the last minute, Feste was not on a scheduled March 24 call because it was "not conducive to a recuperative process," said Andrew Kim, one of the attorneys. The attorneys declined to address questions about the title loan investment and whether investors, including NFL players, lost any of their investments in Storehouse. They noted that Feste was a plaintiff and not a defendant in civil lawsuits around the investments.

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As a true freshman, Pitts served as a reserve TE, mostly pitching in on special teams. Oddly enough, his 3-73-1 stat line from that year makes the rest of his college career so dang impressive.Cleveland Browns

"We still got to our goal, that was the main thing, of getting to that championship game," he said. "But everything about last season was weird."


It was a standard draft prospect interview, but Ducks fans should be excited to see Sewell ready to go with any team that picks him up.Houston Texans

Favre, a day following the guilty conviction of ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, irresponsibly theorized Floyd’s death was accidental. Smith, who implored Favre to “STFU,” didn’t back down from his initial backlash on Tuesday, noting that while he still respects the player, he “knows nothing about being a Black man.”Tennessee Titans