Colbert and company have had more luck signing street free agents or packaging a trade for defensive backs.


The day after the owners' near-unanimous approval, the union's executive committee rejected the deal by a 6-5 vote, primarily because of opposition to the 17th game. Union officials were surprised that it was rejected, though they say the vote was advisory and symbolic. Later that day, the NFLPA board of representatives -- 32 team representatives -- postponed a vote. Owners were stunned. "We had been working off 17 games since August," one owner says. "They agreed to the 17th game." On Feb. 25, executive committee member Lorenzo Alexander changed his support from a "yes" to a "no," upping the total of executive committee members against the deal to seven. On Twitter, a flood of superstars -- Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, J.J. Watt, Todd Gurley -- voiced strong opposition, arguing against the expanded season and the 10-year length of the new deal. It was a disaster for Smith.Philadelphia Eagles for Face Masks


Now Jackson is signing a 3-year, $22.575M extension which includes a $9M signing bonus and $7.075M in additional guarantees. Talk about cashing out.Buffalo Bills for Face Masks

"I think he may have been the most competitive of the three of them," Fran said of Nick.
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Then there’s a pair of edge rushers in Justin Houston and the aforementioned Ingram, both looking for their next homes. Houston, 32, racked up 19 sacks in two years with the Indianapolis Colts, while Ingram is attempting to bounce back from zero sacks in seven games last year. However, Ingram was a Pro Bowler in each of the three preceding seasons.Los Angeles Rams for Face Masks

Official news of the NFL adding an extra regular season game for the 2021 season may come this week, according to a new report from Adam Schefter.Miami Dolphins for Face Masks

Former Lions general manager Bob Quinn signed Vaitai to a five-year, $50 million deal last spring to play right tackle, after he declined to give Graham Glasgow a similar-sized contract., Coolest Nfl Face Masks, Philadelphia Eagles for Face Masks